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"This is a very interesting time for our country.  We must act now to preserve our way of life and limit government intrusion.  The attack on our God given rights and personal freedoms has to be quelled through appropriate legislation and not on party lines.  From freedom of speech and the right to bear arms to forceful vaccinations and unlawful mandates I will be the advocate for "we the people"!


  • Bringing back school of choice to Illinois

  • Reestablish foundational education for our children (core academics)

  • Remove sexual content/education from elementary curriculum

  • Reinstall parental and children's rights

  • Expanding resources and programs for special education

  • Keep balance of powers by limiting state and federal overreach

  • Reaffirming the Bill of Rights for all

  • Sanctioning all media outlets that censor freedom of speech

  • Protecting our GOD given rights, especially 1st and 2nd amendments 

  • Insuring medical rights and privacy

  • Restore the constitution

  • Support tax reduction for every Illinois citizen ​

  • Eliminate unnecessary spending 

  • Audit government spending 

  • Clear voter rolls

  • Improve transparency for local and statewide elections 

  • Encourage voter registration

  • Police and Fire departments ​

  • Pro-Life

  • Trade Unions 

  • Veteran services 

  • Small businesses  

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