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My story is quite simple and is relatable to many of you  who are reading this right now.  Born from an Italian Father and a French/Polish mother, who followed her family across the Atlantic in search of the "American Dream", I lived the struggles that many households live today.

Family is the single driving factor that keeps me focused in the fight for The United States of America!  Not a day goes by that I don't look at my Wife of 9 years and my wonderful children and think how I can keep them safe but provide a better life for them.  This is the main reason I decided to run for office.

I am a hard worker.  I have been a DuPage county Union electrician for over 20 years.  During that time I went from Apprentice to Journeyman Wireman to Master Electrician and finally Area General Foreman all under the same company.  I know the meaning of hard work and where it can take you.

Aside from my usual duties as Husband and Father I am constantly fighting for our Freedoms and Civil Rights. 


Currently I am involved as a District Captain in the Convention of States Organization.  The main focus is to pass legislation in each state to allow for a convention of states which could allow for the amending of our great Constitution.  The main issues are for term limits, reduce federal overspending and federal over-reach.

I am also a Precinct Committeeman for the Plainfield Township Republican Organization District 19.  At the PTRO we are taking the "America First" agenda and teaming up with other grassroots organizations to help fight against the tyrannical government.

Lastly, I sit as a director on my Homeowners association.  This is where I aid in capitol projects with my past experiences in the trades along with participating in operational budgets and reserve contributions.



James Lawson

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